As a landlord, you have a unique responsibility to provide housing for your community. To ensure you’re complying with local, state and national laws while protecting yourself and your property, we’ve created a number of resources to navigate Fair Housing laws and renters’ rights.

Fair Housing Corner

Discover how to provide equal professional services to all applicants.

Learn how to comply with the Fair Housing Act

Income Discrimination FAQ

If you’re new to navigating the Fair Housing Act or need a refresher on how to comply with housing assistance, the Attorney General’s FAQs can help you navigate these laws and regulations.

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Q: What if I know my unit won’t pass inspection? Do I still need to rent to people with vouchers or families with kids?

Fix the issues! This isn’t just a fair housing issue, it’s a state sanitary code issue. Mass.gov has resources about habitability rights and the standards of fitness for human habitation. 

Q: What if the owner asks me to include “no vouchers" in the ad?

Let the owner know that you cannot do that because it violates the law! A person who has a voucher is a member of a protected class – it is illegal to publish discriminatory language targeting a member of a protected class. There are no exemptions to this rule.

Q: A tenant asked about making a change to the apartment or our agreement because of their disability. Where can I learn more about what I need to do and what information I can ask for?

The Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development have very helpful memos on accommodations (changes in policy) or modifications (structural changes). These memos can be found here: 

Reasonable Modifications 

Assistance Animals

What Can I Do to Make Sure I’m Complying With the Laws?

Real Estate Professionals move in a fast-paced market, and respond to the needs of owners, buyers and renters alike. Providing excellent customer service to all your clients while staying on top of a competitive real estate market can be difficult.

Below are several techniques to ensure that a busy day does not become a fair housing issue:

Below, please find some resources that may be helpful as you navigate the needs of your clients as well as your Fair Housing rights and responsibilities:

The Attorney General’s Guide to Landlord and Tenant Rights
Learn More about the Lead Law